This list is not exhaustive; I have chosen to highlight what I consider my best work. For this reason, this sampling may be biased. All curatorial failings are my own.

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Ass Me Anything: She Won’t Play With My Butt! for b-Vibe / 2022 

Finding the Right Sex Toy for Your Queer Body in Them / 2020 — sponsored by Lelo

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex in Out Magazine / 2017 — sponsored by Bespoke Surgical


Our Dogs in Artemis / 2013

The Brickmakers in Artemis / 2013


"Bad Words" in Document Journal 

My monthly column "Bad Words" in Document Journal — an elevated fashion and culture magazine — began in November 2022. The pieces explore the intersection of sex, kink, and subculture. Read them all at documentjournal.com. 

"Last Call" in Out Magazine  

"Last Call" made its debut in print editions of Out Magazine in March of 2021. Found in the final pages of each issue, "Last Call" features my personal takes and inquiries into queer sex. Subscribe and support independent LGBTQ journalism. 

"Sexy Beast" in The Advocate

I launched "Sexy Beast" in The Advocate in 2016 to bring more diverse, affirming, and kink-friendly sex-ed content to the landmark publication's online presence. Since then, the column has generated Advocate.com's best traffic to date. 

"Ass Me Anything" with b-Vibe

Between 2021 and 2022, I ran "Ass Me Anything", an advice column on all things anal, for customers and followers of the adult toy brand b-Vibe. Read them here

"Get In Bed With Beastly" in Fenuxe Magazine 

From 2016 to 2018, "Get In Bed With Beastly" featured short essays and op-eds on sex and dating in Fenuxe, an Atlanta-based LGBTQ magazine. Sadly, the publication shuttered in 2018. 

Sex columnist, Gay Chic Magazine 

From 2014 to 2016, Gay Chic Magazine — Chicago's first all-digital queer magazine featuring local news, celebrity interviews, and more — ran my sex column covering everything from bondage to party drugs. Sadly, the magazine lost vital funding and shuttered in 2016. 

Film and entertainment columnist, District 

As a senior entertainment reporter for District — the award-winning student magazine of the Savannah College of Art & Design — I ran a column covering the annual Savannah Film Festival and its many queer cinema screenings. 

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