As a writer and artist, I don't think it's enough to simply sell a product. All my writing, from marketing to journalism, serves — to borrow a phrase from Harvey Milk — "the USes," the people who scrape for space under the "THEMs." Queer people. Kinky people. Undocumented people. People with "unconventional" tastes. People who don't see themselves represented daily in media.

In college, I started answering my classmates' sex and dating questions on a blog, one I still maintain today. The right people read it and offered me writing gigs. Since then I've had the pleasure of writing about sex and relationships for every major LGBT media outlet in the country, most notably the oldest and most prestigious Advocate. 

I've worked with exciting brands to hone their voice and content — brands that cater to everyone and celebrate diversity. Personable storytelling is how I reach new customers, generate sales, give products that necessary spark, and make social media sing. Whatever your business is, please talk to me. Let's tell strong and inclusive stories together. 

I believe everyone deserves a place at the table, no matter their skin color or physical ability. I've worked with various HIV and AIDS non-profits and youth programs to put these beliefs into practice. I'm not sure what I'll do next, but I'm enjoying the process of becoming. After living everywhere — Zambia, San Francisco, Savannah — I've settled on New York City. I have a restless spirit like my mother, so catch me while you can.

- Alex 

Photo by Jon Dean 

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