My Love Is a Beast: Confessions

Alexander Cheves

ISBN: 9780991378036

220 pages, 5" x 7.5"

Publication Date: October 12, 2021

#1 Nonfiction Bestseller at Small Press Distribution, America's largest indie book distributor

#1 Bestseller in LGBTQ Literary Criticism on Amazon 

Unbound Edition Press

How does the devout son of evangelical Christians, growing up dedicated to mission work in Africa, become one of America's leading sex columnists and a self-avowed slut committed to kink as his new religion? Across his debut book, My Love Is a Beast: Confessions, Alexander Cheves details his path from piousness to faithlessness, and his awakening to the saving power of hedonism. He tells intimate stories of what he sees as the sacred grace of pleasure as he embraces his life as a sex writer, worker, and activist. 

In stories richly lyrical, boldly erotic, and fearlessly honest, Cheves takes readers on a tour through Savannah, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Along the way, he explores the darker corners of queer culture and his own life, highlighting experiences most will have never considered. His rise to national popularity among LGBTQ+ writers gets balanced by his own struggles with and recovery from substance use — and his public embrace of kink and fetish as a belief system, way of life, and identity. 

In the end, Cheves writes with complete, even shocking transparency and authenticity in the service of shattering sexual shame. Graphic and at times controversial, this book is sure to become a watershed moment among erotic memoirs.

Unsafe Words: Queering Consent in the #MeToo Era

Edited by Shantel Gabrieal Buggs and Dr. Trevor Hoppe

ISBN: 9781978825413

Contributors: Angela Jones, Alexander Cheves, Dr. Trevor Hoppe, Jane Ward, Gloria González-López, Anahi Russo Garrido, Mistress Velvet, D.S. Trumbull, Blu Buchanan, Shantel Gabrieal Buggs, James McMaster, Mark S. King, Jo Hsu, Dominique Morgan

180 pages, 12 color illus., 5" x 8"

Publication Date: February 10, 2023

Rutgers University Press

Queer people may not have invented sex, but queers have long been pioneers in imagining new ways to have it. Yet our voices have been largely absent from the #MeToo conversation. What can we learn from the #MeToo conversation? And what can queer communities teach the rest of the world about ethical sex?
This provocative book brings together academics, activists, artists, and sex workers to tackle challenging questions about sex, power, consent, and harm. While responding to the need for sex to be consensual and mutually pleasurable, they resist the heteronormative assumptions, class norms, and racial privilege underlying much #MeToo discourse. These essays reveal the tools that queer communities themselves have developed to practice ethical sex — from the sex worker negotiating with her client to the gay man having anonymous sex in the backroom. At the same time, they explore how queer communities might better prevent and respond to sexual violence, without recourse to a police force that is frequently racist, homophobic, and transphobic. 
Telling a queerer side of the #MeToo story, Unsafe Words dares to challenge dogmatic assumptions about sex and consent while developing tools and language to promote more ethical and more pleasurable sex for everyone.

Fisting Poem (Working Title)

A collection of original erotic poetry, prose, and artwork coming in 2023 from Unbound Edition Press. Image and details to come. 

The Revolution Will Not Be Bound: An Anthology From Unbound Edition Press

Unbound Edition Press champions insurgent literary voices that might not find a home in mainstream publishers. The press is currently collecting its first anthology of experimental short fiction, essays, and poetry. Image and details to come.  

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