My Love Is a Beast: Confessions 

How does the devout son of evangelical Christians, growing up dedicated to mission work in Africa, become one of America's leading sex columnists and a self-avowed slut committed to kink as his new religion? Across the literary, erotic memoir My Love Is a Beast: Confessions, Alexander Cheves details his path from piousness to faithlessness and his awakening to the saving power of hedonism. He tells intimate stories of what he believes is the sacred grace of pleasure as he embraces his life as a sex writer, worker and activist. In stories beautifully lyrical, boldly erotic, and unflinchingly honest, Cheves takes readers on a tour through Savannah, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. Along the way, we follow him into corners of Queer culture highlighting details most will have never considered or experienced. His rise to national popularity among LGBTQ+ writers is balanced by his own struggles with and recovery from substance use, and his public embrace of kink and fetish as both belief system and way of life. In the end, Cheves champions complete transparency and authenticity in the service of shattering shame. Graphic and at times controversial, this book is sure to become a watershed moment among erotic memoirs.

Available in bookstores on October 12, 2021 from Unbound Edition Press. 

Working Title: Homework  

A collection of original erotic poetry, prose, and artwork coming in 2023 from Unbound Edition Press. Image and details to come. 

Working Title: Queering Consent 

A essay collection from noted Queer sex writers and experts on consent in the modern world. Projected publication in 2023 from University of California Press. 

Untitled Anthology from Unbound Edition Press 

Unbound Edition Press champions Queer, insurgent voices. The independent press will release its first anthology of original experimental fiction, essays, and poetry in 2025. 

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