Bay Area Reporter 

"Cheves writes about himself candidly and without any candy-coated language or gratuitous exposition. ... This kind of deep, resonant, penetrating confessional is a rare treat to be savored.
Conceptually combustive and executed with great introspection, this is exceptionally brazen, epiphanic queer writing which can only be described as 'carnal and poetic,' much akin to the tattooed words of Jack Kerouac emblazoned across the author's ribcage."

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"...the intimacy lies in the author’s unflinching, masterful storytelling. You feel you’re on the next pillow as he bares his soul and shares his profound convictions and observations. Cheves is a millennial, but demonstrates a deep understanding of the generations before him. Who they are and how they were shaped. He also recognizes the unique moment in which he finds himself, at the dawning sexual revolution after decades of fear. ... In many ways Cheves is of his generation, but this hardcore memoir certainly flies in the face of the sanitized mores of his contemporaries." 

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