"A much needed and influential voice, Cheves shocks while also liberating and healing....This book cements him as an important author."

Dr. Chris Donaghue, host of Loveline and author of Rebel Love and Sex Outside the Lines

"Conceptually combustive...exceptionally brazen, epiphanic queer writing...much akin to...Jack Kerouac." 

Jim Piechota, Bay Area Reporter 

"A rare memoir....provocative and poetic. I loved every uncomfortable minute....it's a must-read."

Diane Anderson-Minshall, CEO and Editorial Director, Pride Media and author of Queerly Beloved: A Love Story Across Genders and four novels 

"Savor every word of this literary bacchanal."

Race Bannon, Author and Community Leader

"Cheves tells his story of early gay life as it should be told: terrifying, daring, angry, and so very fragile."

Christopher Harrity, The Advocate

"This book is a poignant rebellion against the constant pathologizing of all things queer."

Amariah Love, MS, NCC, LPC

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