Studio Ready is a small online brand behind the smash-hit Hot Coffee Scrub, a product which must be experienced in order to be understood. Based in New York, Studio Ready features a small lineup of luxurious scrubs, lotions, and balms marketed to young, sex-positive queer men.

Alex, the engine behind the brand, believes Studio Ready should do more than sell quality products. In a sex-negative culture that continuously shames queer expressions of desire — in which misinformation and stigma abound — Studio Ready has the potential to reach queer youth in a new and powerful way. 

That's why we teamed up to produce content that answers the (many) sex questions in Alex's inbox from customers. I have been writing a sex advice blog for years and have written numerous sex education pieces for The Advocate and other queer outlets, so I am eager to get started. 

The project is in its infancy. I will post here as it develops. 

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