Fort Troff makes clothes for men to feel sexy in. The brand is more widely known for its adult toys and fetish gear, but its premium men's underwear and clothing remain bestsellers. With an international following, the the brand's punk, underground aesthetic is recognized from L.A. to Berlin. 

My roles at Fort Troff — from Director of Social Media to Creative Director — tasked me to oversee countless products from ideation to release. I assisted with menswear product design and created copy for dozens of seasonal collections. In my efforts to modernize and redefine the brand voice to better target younger demographics, I  wrote and edited all product descriptions, packaging copy, newsletters, marketing emails, product care inserts, and social media posts that drove record sales. 

As the architect of content, I streamlined the copy creation process so that products were ready for release as soon as they arrived. 

Most of my work is NSFW and available upon request. 

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