Fort Troff is an adult retailer with an international customer base. The story behind the brand — based in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia — is fascinating. Fort Troff was once a brick-and-mortar venue with a reputation as the best gay fetish club in the country. 

Men from across the U.S. travelled to Atlanta during the city's mid-'90s queer heyday — the era when the term "Hotlanta" was coined — to visit the famed sex club. Atlanta was known for drag, go-go boys, and a dark playspace where visitors checked in at 3 a.m. wearing head-to-toe rubber. 

Fort Troff was part of the queer fabric of the city until gentrification ramped up in the 2010s. Around that time, Fort Troff's founder and manager, Louis, began selling sex toys and apparel inside the venue. At the time, it was difficult to find premium silicone toys, and traveling to New York or San Francisco for rubber gear was prohibitively expensive for many kinky people. Louis saw a need — and wasn't the only one. Fort Troff launched its web store just before the online sex toy boom.

I was first contacted to manage the brand's social media, which was all but nonexistent. After reviewing the site, I realized that all product copy needed an SEO rewrite, and the navigation was a UX nightmare. The site was written in the style of '80s porn rags like Drummer and Honcho. The voice was scary and gimmicky to modern ears. We were losing younger customers and vital web traffic.  

I proposed a heavy scrub of all content and rewrote all site, product, packaging, and e-marketing copy to be current while maintaining the brand's edgy spirit. After growing Twitter followers from 150 to over 100,000 and Instagram followers from 600 to over 15,000 in under six months, I handed over social media to focus on marketing and creative direction. 

I led sales team at trade shows, directed promotion videos for YouTube, and launched the brand blog. Despite pushback from management against modernization at every step, I'm proud of the work I produced with a talented team. 

Most of my work for Fort Troff is NSFW and available upon request. Below are some of examples of my writing for the brand blog. While these pieces do not feature explicit imagery, the site they are on is very NSFW and should not be opened on a work computer. 

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July 2018 

Why Kink Pride Matters 

June 2018

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