Fort Troff is a men's fetish retailer with an international customer base. Its distinct style is recognized from L.A. to Berlin. 

My roles at Fort Troff — from Director of Social Media to Director of Content — required overseeing countless products from ideation to promotion. This included planning, writing, and editing packaging copy, instructional inserts, product descriptions, newsletter content, and social media posts. I created the voice of the brand, optimized site navigation, and assisted in a complete site redesign that generated record sales among target demographics. 

My work required daily communication with the CEO and Director of Marketing. As my responsibilities expanded out of social media, I started co-directing all promotional videos, expanding the brand's YouTube presence, and instructing customer service teams on social media best practices. 

My work with Fort Troff has given me comprehensive knowledge of the pleasure products industry and taught me skills that can be leveraged to fit any brand's needs and objectives. 

Fort Troff is an explicit, adult brand. Examples of my work are available upon request. 

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