Fort Troff is the most popular gay adult retailer in the United States. The brand is known for its edgy, punk aesthetic, but its website, content, and social media presence needed some work. While living in Los Angeles, I reviewed their products for an article in The Advocate. Shortly after that, Fort Troff's CEO called the magazine to ask about me. I became their head copywriter and social media manager and set to work giving the historic brand with an international customer base a fresher, more focused voice. 

I currently write, edit, and curate all site, product, packaging, and email marketing copy. I built its social media platforms from the ground up, implemented a widely successful customer service strategy via Twitter to alleviate the heavy burden on our customer service team, and launched the brand's first blog. When I handed over the reins of social media last year to a new social media manager, I had increased Twitter followers from 150 to 100,000+, and Instagram followers from 600 to 14,000+. My efforts were integral to a 20% revenue increase in 2017. 

I work daily with marketing and product development teams, creating product narratives from ideation to production that streamline the advertising and sales process and reach new customers. Before moving to New York, I wrote and directed all videos, which gave me the opportunity to work alongside a talented team of videographers and film editors. I have become a confident set designer, video director, and creative consultant. 

A big part of our business is traveling to trade shows and large LGBT events to serve customers in person and reach new ones. As a leader of our street team, I've gained valuable experience working in direct and indirect marketing and sales strategy. I have a flawless customer service record — following our events, many customers send emails thanking me by name. I foster a shame-free atmosphere in which no question is embarrassing, and I believe that spirit of openness and generosity belongs in every healthy business. 

Most of my work for Fort Troff is not safe for work. If you would like to see samples, please message me. I am happy to link you to the site, but please understand that it features explicit imagery, explicit language, and adult content. 

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