Director of Content, Fort Troff 


Fort Troff is a men's fetish brand specializing in clothing, pleasure products, and intimate apparel. With an international customer base, the brand's punk, underground aesthetic is recognized from L.A. to Berlin. 

I held many roles at the company, beginning with Director of Social Media and ending with Director of Content. I oversaw countless products from ideation to promotion; assisted with product design; wrote site descriptions, packaging copy and inserts, and e-blast content for all products;  and updated site navigation and product page layout to increase conversions. I also wrote letters from the CEO (example below) and oversaw all newsletter content. 

As the architect of content, I streamlined the copy creation process so that products were ready for release as soon as shipments arrived. I edited all customer-facing media to keep all content consistently on brand. 

My work required daily communication with the CEO and Director of Marketing. As my responsibilities grew from social media and site content, I began co-directing all videos, expanding the brand's YouTube presence, and instructing customer service teams on social media best practices. I wrote scripts for a widely successful customer service strategy utilizing direct messaging on Twitter. 

My work with Fort Troff provided me with comprehensive knowledge of the pleasure, wellness, and apparel markets and honed skills that can be leveraged to meet and exceed any brand's needs and objectives. 

Fort Troff is an explicit, adult brand. Examples of my work are available upon request. 

- Identified search engine optimization flaws and generated prioritized plans to optimize the site that increased organic traffic by 18 percent.

- Scripted and co-directed all video and YouTube content that fueled traffic to the site.  

- Directed new UX navigation for an expansive site redesign that resulted in faster and more efficient conversions. 

- Refocused brand voice and wrote product page copy for thousands of products that resulted in increased sales for target demographic. 

- Communicated bi-weekly action plans directly to the CEO and director of marketing to execute copy objectives for product, email, social media, blog, and packaging within deadlines.

- Developed a strategy for social media that increased Twitter followers from 150 to 100,000+ and Instagram followers from 200 to 14,000+ in under six months and increased revenue by an estimated 18 percent.

- Identified and solicited thought leader writing contributions for brand blog and edited for accuracy, tone, and content while maintaining contributor voice.

- Trained customer service teams on social media best practices that led to the development of a new customer service strategy utilizing direct messaging on Twitter. 

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