Creative Director, Fort Troff 

- Identified search engine optimization flaws and generated prioritized plans to optimize the site that increased organic traffic to the site by 18 percent.

- Scripted and co-directed all video and YouTube content that fueled traffic to the site.  

- Directed new UX navigation for an expansive site redesign that resulted in faster and more efficient conversions. 

- Refocused brand voice and wrote product page copy for thousands of products that resulted in increased sales for target demographic. 

- Communicated bi-weekly action plans directly to the CEO and director of marketing to execute copy objectives for product, email, social media, blog, and packaging within deadlines.

- Developed a strategy for social media that increased Twitter followers from 150 to 100,000+ and Instagram followers from 200 to 14,000+ in under six months and increased revenue by an estimated 20 percent.

- Identified and solicited thought leader writing contributions for brand blog and edited for accuracy, tone, and content while maintaining contributor voice.

- Trained customer service teams on social media best practices that led to the development of a new customer service strategy utilizing direct messaging on Twitter. 

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