CompleteBody Fitness operates several gyms in Manhattan, each with its unique style and clientele. In addition to brand consulting and customer service work, I wrote and edited content for mailers, social media, and member newsletters for COMPLETE, the company's luxury flagship location located at Union Square. I also wrote numerous phone scripts and email templates for the membership sales team, some of which are presented below. 

Corporate Partnership Member Inquiry - First Time Reaching Out (PHONE) 

Recipient: Members with Company Email Address 

Subject Line (if sent as EMAIL): Hi [NAME], be a Club Ambassador? 


This is {YOUR NAME} at COMPLETE Health Club and Spa. First, I want to say thank you for being a member. PERSONALIZE — "I see you've been attending CLASS NAME regularly. How is the class going? Is there anything I can do to improve your experience?" 

I have a favor to ask. Please be a Club Ambassador for us. We want to set up a corporate partnership with your employer, {EMPLOYER NAME} and offer you and your co-workers a corporate account, which includes a reduced membership rate. 

Corporate accounts require a minimum of five employees from the same company to join. Once that happens and the partnership is active, all employees benefit from reduced membership and other benefits, which I'm happy to talk to you about. Feel free to stop by my office after your next workout if you have questions! 


I'm sorry I couldn't reach you this time. I will follow up in two days. If you have any questions, please call me! Simply call the club at XXX-XXXX and ask for {YOUR NAME}. Better yet, drop by my office next time you're in the club. 

Have a great day and be well! 

Old Lead - First Time Reengage (PHONE) 

Recipient: Old Leads

Hi {NAME}, 

This is {YOUR NAME} at COMPLETE Health Club and Spa. My records show that you inquired at our club in the past, but I see no one has followed up with you in some time. I'm so sorry about that! To apologize for our lack of communication, I wanted to offer you a complimentary 3-day pass to come check us out. What days this week are you free? 

What are you currently doing for fitness? 


Let me know when I can schedule your visit. I have openings today and tomorrow. Which day is better for you? 

Former CLAY Members - First Time Reengage (EMAIL) 

Recipient: Former Clay Members

Subject Line: You're Invited: 3-Day Pass 

Hi {NAME}, 

This is {YOUR NAME} at COMPLETE Health Club & Spa. Some months ago, we took over the space of the former Clay. I know the sudden closing of Clay was rough for its members and I'm sorry that happened. 

COMPLETE by CompleteBody is more than a gym — we are a members-only health club focused on personal training and holistic wellness. We believe standard "gym culture" can be toxic and often leads to injury and frustration. We offer something different: a zen-like space where you can work out, rest, recover, and work. 

I want to offer you a complimentary 3-day pass so you can experience what we're about. There's no strings attached and you don't have to join. I just want to make sure you have a great time and can tell others about us! 

We're not a corporate giant. We are a local-owned club that depends on word-of-mouth, so every guest experience matters. 

What days this week do you have free?  

Yours in good health, 


Old Lead First-Time Reengage (TEXT) 
Recipient: Old Lead 

Hi {NAME}, this is {YOUR NAME] at COMPLETE Health Club & Spa. I see you inquired at our club some time ago, but no one has followed up recently. I sincerely apologize for our lack of communication. I'm sending you an email with a complimentary 3-day pass as my way of saying sorry. Let me know what days this week you're free so I can activate it! 

IPT (Independent Personal Training) Client — First Contact 
Recipient: New IPT Client 

Subject Line: Welcome to the Club! 

Hi {NAME}, 

This is {YOUR NAME] at COMPLETE Health Club & Spa. Welcome to the club! We love our independent personal training clients. PERSONALIZE: "{TRAINER's NAME} is great and we've some great transformations with his clients." 

Let me know if there's anything I can do to improve your experience here. I will be your point person going forward. 

As a reminder, independent personal training clients are offered a reduced membership rate if you choose to join. Membership would give you access to all amenities and classes and access to all locations. 

Please have a great time here and let me know if there's anything I can do for you. Feel free to drop by my office at the club anytime. 

Yours in good health, 


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