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New Chevrolet Theft Alarm Gives OnStar Members An Upgrade

Automotive safety technology is making life difficult for car thieves. Vehicles equipped with OnStar already have great features like Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, but later this summer, Chevrolet will release a new one for OnStar members: the Theft Alarm Notification, which will enable owners to receive real-time alerts if their vehicles are being nabbed.

The feature will be available to OnStar subscribers who already receive the Security or Guidance packages and have a compatible vehicle, which will be any Chevrolet model year 2014 and newer.

OnStar subscribers might consider this feature a little unnecessary, since there is already a similar one in OnStar's safety packages. The Stolen Vehicle Assistance package already gives owners alerts when their vehicles' alarms sound, but Sandor Piszar, director of Chevrolet Truck Marketing, said, "Prompt response and quick awareness of theft situations give customers a greater chance to recover stolen property. By leveraging the connection that OnStar provides, Chevrolet owners can remain in contact with their vehicle, even when it is out of sight." This contact will be a text message, email, or phone call that someone is stealing your car — you get to choose the method of delivery. 

Even with the Theft Alarm Notificaiton, the gem of OnStar safety is perhaps the Stolen Vehicle Slowdown feature, which enables OnStar advisors to send a signal to slow down a stolen vehicle once its location is found via GPS. According to the General Motors news blog, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown has stopped car thieves nearly 250 times in the last five years in Detroit alone. 

“Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is a prime example of a safety service that our customers rely on us to provide,” said George Baker, emergency services outreach manager at OnStar. “We have a strong relationship with law enforcement that has allowed us to refine our processes, promote teamwork and more quickly recover stolen vehicles for our subscribers.”

The Theft Alarm Notification will also enhance the features of the Protection Package available on Chevrolet’s full-size Tahoe and Suburban LT and LTZ SUVs, which feature glass breakage sensors and interior motion sensors. These sensors sound alarms if a break-in is attempted or if motion is detected inside the car when the alarms are armed.

Click here to learn more about OnStar and the Theft Alarm Notification, and stop by Ray Chevrolet to see if your vehicle is compatible with the new Theft Alarm Notification. Talk with one of our specialists about how we can make your Chevrolet a nightmare for car thieves everywhere. 

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