If you've come to this point in my website, I think you know what I am and what I do. I am a writer with depression. I live in cities, fuck freely, answer questions about sex, and do what I can to help the communities I live in and love. 

I don't believe there's a writer out there who enjoys writing their bio. Every standard version has its drawbacks: third-person feels like a bizarre exercise in self-inflation, first-person too direct and informal. This is why we pay others to write them for us, but only after we've really hit it big. I'm still in the literary underground, known mostly to faggots and circuit queens. But I'm praying to the dark gods for some limelight, and I think they're listening. 

I am a faggot. I'm also an author, columnist, editor, sex educator, advice blogger, and activist. In 2016, I launched the "Sexy Beast" column in The Advocate, the longest-running LGBTQ magazine in the world. Currently, I write the “Last Call” column in Out Magazine. 

My work has been published in VICEThem, the famous fetish magazine Drummer, and other outlets. In 2021, I received an Excellence in Journalism Award from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and I was featured alongside Dr. Ruth and other sex educators in the Netflix special Sex Unzipped

That same year, I published my first book, My Love Is a Beast: Confessions, with Unbound Edition Press. I am honored — happily surprised — that the book was called "a life-changer" by Janet W. Hardy, coauthor of The Ethical Slut. Within weeks of publication, it was named the #1 bestseller in LGBTQ Literary Criticism on Amazon and the #1 bestseller memoir from Small Press Distribution, America’s largest independent book distributor. 

To write about sex is to write about the body, and mine has its challenges. Half-deaf and quite neurodivergent, my best, clearest self exist on the page. I have been a sex worker for more than a decade, and I think it's important to talk and write about this experience for which I am so grateful. In my writing, I work to highlight the worsening legal and social climate of moral sex panic in America that continues to harm people in the sex trade. I am anti-censorship and support all artists, educators, and entertainers in the fight for free expression. 

I live in New York City. My second book will publish in 2024. 

Photo by Jason Holland. 

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